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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance & Responsibility

Aldershot Resources Ltd. (“Aldershot”) is committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance and Practice with strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations. Aldershot reviews its practices on a regular basis to ensure that our standards are up to date and in full compliance with the industries evolving rules, regulations and best practices.

Aldershot’s Board consists of four independent directors: Jeremy Caddy, President, CEO and Director; Ian M. Adam, Director; Phil Crabb, Director.

Aldershot’s Corporate Officers are: Jeremy Caddy, President and CEO; and Frank DeMarte, Secretary and CFO.

Code Of Ethics

Upholding a strong sense of ethics and integrity is of the highest importance to Aldershot Resources Ltd. (“Aldershot”) and is critical to its success in the business environment. Aldershot has a commitment to ethical business principles and follows them with regard to dealings with shareholders, employees, consultants, customers, lenders and other stakeholders.

It is Aldershot’s firm belief that effective business relationships can only be built on mutual trust and fair dealing. Aldershot and all its directors, officers, employees and consultants will conduct themselves in accordance with ethical business standards.

Aldershot will use reasonable efforts to comply with best practices as they relate to resource and exploration environmental issues. In particular, Aldershot officials will, where practical, seek guidance from knowledgeable participants and obtain governmental or other regulatory guidelines on exploration and mining operations so as to be familiar with and follow as much as practicable such guidelines.

All employees, consultants and subcontractors of Aldershot will be given strict instructions to follow all environmental laws applicable to Aldershot’s operations at all times. All employees, consultants and subcontractors will be encouraged to report any violation of such laws to the Chief Executive Officer upon their first opportunity.

This statement is not intended to be a comprehensive list addressing all legal or ethical issues, which may confront Aldershot’s personnel.